Hi, I'm Jason Ye (any pronouns except he/him, slight preference for it/its). I'm aro, ace, and agender; and quite good at strategy games!

What is this website?

I'm currently writing weekly articles - this will be where I post them. These will mostly be about strategy in limited Magic: the Gathering, though I might occasionally write about constructed or even another game.

All articles I write will eventually be free to read, no ads or anything required. I value accessibility a lot, and don't want to limit my content to an exclusive crowd. However, I do want to earn some amount of money from doing this, so I will be using a paid-early-access model.

Subscribers to my Patreon at the $5/month tier or higher will get immediate access to all of my articles. Everyone else will get access to them about a week or a month delayed depending on the topic - format-specific articles will probably have a smaller delay, closer to a week, while more general articles might have a month-long delay.

Why did you make your own website for this, instead of using something like Wordpress?

idk I like coding. Also maybe I want to have interactive articles, that could be cool. At the very least I'll implement some nice MtG-specific features like card image popups that would be hard to make work on Wordpress.

Why should I read what you have to say?

I am very good and very experienced at Magic: the Gathering. Some accomplishments include:

- I top 8'd PT MH3, my third PT!

- I top 8'd PT OTJ, my second PT!

- I placed 14th at PT MKM, my first PT!

- I won the 100k Wilds of Eldraine Limited Open at MagicCon Las Vegas 2023!

- I top 8'd RC Dallas 2024!

- I competed in Arena Championship 1, qualifying through Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate Sealed.

- As part of the Sanctum of All testing team, I've brewed and helped with many decks in constructed recently that have done well, including: RataBlade, Jeskai Creativity, Analyst decks in Standard, and most recently Slogurk Legends for PT OTJ.

- I'm often near the top of the 17lands TradDraft leaderboards, with usually an 80% winrate and 50% trophy rate in Bo3 draft

MtG also isn't the only strategy game I'm good at - before it died, I qualified for Storybook Brawl's World Championship (though sadly that got canceled); and I'm used to regularly make strategy videos for the board game Spirit Island on my YouTube channel.

What if I have comments or questions about your content?

I don't currently have plans to add comments to this site, but feel free to join my Discord and ask there!

What if I want more specific Magic advice from you?

Check out my coaching here!


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